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Here are some Bible Stories for you to watch to help you continue to learn about the Lord Jesus and the message of the Bible. If you would like your children to join in with our 'live' children's club please contact us for details.

Originally done during the COVID - 19 pandemic and for schools that would normally be visited for Collective Worship, hence the references to this time

Peter and the Lord Jesus

A story of failure followed by a second chance

Harvest 2021

We interview a farmer and learn an important lesson from Jesus' encounter with 10 men.

New Term

A couple of weeks back into term we look back at our summer holiday near the sea and learn some 'lessons for life'.

Leaving School

Mr Buckeridge's message for all those who will be moving on to new things as we come to the end of the school year reminds us of 3 important things.


Changes came in all shapes and sizes. Some we influence, others we just have to accept. This week we think about various changes while visiting the seaside and ask if we have a good foundation to help us with the changes we face.

Peace and Prayer​

Jesus sets an important example. Will we follow?

Food - the Bread of Life

Food is essential to life. Does this give us a clue as to why Jesus described himself as the Bread of LIfe?

Compassion in Action

Continuing our them of compassion in action we look at how William Wilberforce's faith inspired him to have compassion on others and work tirelessly to improve things for them.

Compassion more than a feeling?

Is compassion a feeling, action, or both. We look at examples from the life of the Lord Jesus as he meets a man full of leprosy and then speak to a missionary from Angola to see how feelings of compassion should translate into action for the good of the community.

Safety - and Samuel

During Child Safety week we consider the importance of listening to warnings so that we can be kept safe and take a brief look at how Samuel listened to the advice he was given.

Grumble or Gratitude

Getting on with others is always challenging but will be affected by whether we are those who remain thankful or always find something to grumble about. We revisit Moses and the children of Israel to think about this important subject.


With Pentecost on Sunday 23rd May this year we look forward to the remembrance of this important day in the history of the church.

Compassion - to the nations

Today we consider a couple of examples of how Christians have obeyed Jesus' instructions to show compassion to all - even if they come from a different country or culture.

Compassion - Equal Respect

When we see differences in others we can be tempted to not treat each other equally. Today we see the respect Jesus showed to 2 very different people.

Compassion and forgiveness

Going through the same thing as someone else often makes us more compassionate. Why then do we sometimes find it difficult to forgive when we all need forgiveness?


Grace - kindness, even though it hasn't been / can't be / won't be earned. We challenge you to choose kindness through the story of David and Mephibosheth.

Easter 3 - Hope

Continuing with the big themes of Easter we explore hope and how that with changing circumstances our feelings of hope can go up and down. Join us on the road to Emmaus as Jesus reminds two of His followers of God's big Story.

Easter 2 - Sacrifice & Substitute

Continuing our look at Easter's Big Themes this week we look at the cross. How did something that represent a way of executing criminals become a symbol of love, service, bravery, sacrifice? We see how looking at the Bible as a whole can help us understand what happened when Jesus died on a cross.

Easter 1 - A Big Plan

We begin 3 weeks looking at some Easter related themes. Linking in with Jesus' ride into Jerusalem we look at how there was more going on than the disciples and others realized. God is the great director and so although we do not understand it all, we can trust Him to work out His great plans.


We 'interview' Zacchaeus to help us understand the importance of taking responsibility for the choices we make.


We might have dreams or ambitions, but they might not be easy to achieve. This week we join Nehemiah and learn some lessons in pursuing a vision.

What's Important?

The Parable of the Foolish farmer has an important message for where our priorities are

Listening Well - Naaman

The OT Bible character Naaman gives us examples of both good and bad listening

Be Still

This week we climb up higher to learn an important lesson with Elijah; that we need to be quiet and still to gain a different perspective on our situation.

Watching our Words

Words can have a huge impact for good or bad. We look at some images the Bible gives us to help us understand the impact of our words can have.

Learning lessons with Jonah

It is important to learn when we make mistakes or if we go the wrong way. The story of Jonah helps us understand the various ways God uses to teach us lessons.

New Years Resolutions

How often do we make - and break - resolutions? We look at what help we can get to help us keep our resolve and challenge ourselves through the story of Joseph as to whether we will show integrity when no-one else is watching.

Christmas, Gifts and Wise Men

We all love to receive gifts. We think about gifts, Christmas and the Wise Men

Christmas Messages

Angelic messages help us understand the big message of Christmas

Advent - Hope

Advent commences and we think about the hope that Jesus brought

Forgiveness - the Prodigal Son

Continuing the theme of forgiveness we learn the lessons from Jesus Parable

The Unforgiving Servant

Should we forgive and how many times? We learn some lessons from the Parable of the Unforgiving Servant

Forgiveness - Corrie Ten Boom

Is forgiveness a choice or a feeling? We think about the story of Corrie Ten Boom

Who is my neighbour?

To answer the question in the video title, we challenge you to remember the story of the Good Samaritan and then meet another Mr (and Mrs) Buckeridge to see how this story is part of the inspiration for part of the work they do.

Why & How should we serve?

Today we take a brief look at the parable of the sheep and goats to see the extra importance Jesus places on serving others.


This week we are thankful for harvest and ask what kind of harvest will we produce.

Serving others

Today we go on a journey to Cyprus to learn about its patron saint and his example of service to others

Returning to School

Today we explore themes around returning when things might be different and life has been unusual. We use illustrations from art, Romans 8v28 and part of the story of Naomi and Ruth

Friendship & Service

Today we follow the story of Ruth and Naomi to learn something about friendship and service.

Change - Part 1

As we come closer to the year end, we begin a couple of weeks looking at what lessons Moses and the Israelites can teach us about change.


KS1  /  KS2

Change - Part 2

We continue to think about changes and learn the lesson that they don't always turn out how we expected.


KS1 / KS2


 Join us as we enjoy some food, have a story about a picnic and ask why Jesus likened Himself to Bread!

Worksheet (Pg 3-4)

KS1  KS2

Wonderfully made

This week we consider how amazing the human body and mind is and how we should respond to such a precious gift.

Song Suggestions:

A Gift to You

If I were a butterfly

Who made...?

Compassion - Jesus meets a Blind Man

Continuing our look at how compassion should cause action, Jesus meets a blind man.

Worksheets: KS1 / KS2


Compassion - Jesus meets a leper

This week we see how that the compassion of Jesus caused him to reach out and help

Worksheets: KS1 / KS2


Let the Children Come

This week we see how much Jesus cares for children and look at how some of His followers have done the same.


Further info: George Muller / Mary Slessor


Day 1

As we can't hold our annual holiday club, join in with the activities in the video.


Day 2

As we can't hold our annual holiday club, join in with the activities in the video.

Craft 1 / Craft 2

Day 3

As we can't hold our annual holiday club, join in with the activities in the video

Pentecost: W/C 17th May

A couple of weeks early but we look at the events of Pentecost and see what they can teach us.

Worksheet / other activities:

KS1(pg 1-2) / KS2(pg 1-2):  


Compassion for all W/C: 10th May

Briefly re-visiting the Good Samaritan story, seeing a school built in Angola and thinking about the Samaritan Woman we see how God's love extends to all, no matter where we are from.

Activities (see links at bottom of following pages):

Equal? Galatians 3 v 28 W/C 3rd May 

Meet the man who only wanted well dressed people at his feast and see how Jesus valued all.
Colouring and other activities see at the bottom of this page:

The Prodigal Son W/C: 26th April

Relationships are so important but perhaps even more so during times of crisis like we are going through now. Learn an important lesson about relationships through this story, including the most important relationship of all.

Worksheets to learn more (Pages 5-6)

KS1 / KS2

The Good Samaritan W/C: 19th April

Who is my neighbour? Join us as we explore Jesus' answer to this important question. Here's a worksheet to learn more:

(Pages 1-2 on each):

KS1 / KS2

The Easter Story

Part 1

Tells the events of 'Palm Sunday'

Part 2

Things go from bad to worse for Jesus - is there any hope?

Part 3

The cross was a symbol of horror and scorn in Jesus' day. What happened to turn it into a symbol used to inspire hope, healing and safety?

Part 4

Unbelievable?! 'He is risen' said the angel at the tomb but Jesus' followers took some convincing!